PostMortem : A Family Tree

I've done this game for the Trijam#103: A family Tree.  It was my second time participating to this jam !

What I learned

  • Basics of Gdevelop (Visual programming with blocks)
    • Using Yarn to write dialog
    • Use Draggable, Tween behaviors
    • How to structure objects into objects group
    • Use layers and associated effects
    • How to implements my own behaviors/function
  • [again] The smallest gameDesign features take time to implement, be realistic
  • You always face unexpected bug or problems
  • Keep thing simple especially concerning the way your game is supposed to be played

What I liked 

  • The result of the game, its atmosphere. It is almost the way I wanted it to be
  • The design of the game, the cool pixelated effects I found inadvertently
  • Being able to write a serious/coherent narrative
  • All the lovely feedback I received for it, it was so nice
  • See several streamers playing the game
  • Being able to released it before jam's end

What I could improve on this game

  • Really control the way the game ends, because sometime due to the way the end condition is coded, players doesn't actually see the full dialog and don't finish with the dad picture
  • Give a more immersing experience : Through sounds matching photos, or through an explorative experience to actually found the photos (as suggested by dreamcastgh0st in review)

What I want for my next games

  • Explore Gdevelop possibilities especially effects and behaviors
  • Try to use more traditionnal art for design
  • Try particle effect (and maybe bloom)

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Jan 17, 2021
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Jan 17, 2021

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