Massive rework of jam version (V 2.0.5)

Hello everyone,
Gdevelop Jam #1 is finaly over, judges gave their final results.
I finished 12th out of 216 submission, result I'm super happy with 🥳
(Bonus point, I finished 2nd on originality criteria)

Aware of the gaps, but also of the potential of my gameI decided during the past two weeks, to rework differents aspect of my game to make it even better. I focus mainly on making the game more understandable, more juicy and more beautifull.

Here the details of what I worked on :

🛠️ Rework of menu

  • Make it more diegetic
  • Clarify the tutorial (interaction with the main game design idea)
  • Clear define of goals

🎨 Rework of UI

  • Make it more diegetic
  • Add diegetic tips during the game to clarify the main goals
  • Add small indication when dealing with power that require a certain amount
  • Add background images with gear and wrench (makes it a little more alive)

🎥 Work on animation

  • Add power less animation when a module is unpowered
  • Add juicy activation effects for module
  • Add small effect to gears when rebuilding
  • Add various tween color effect to text to respond to different actions
  • Add intro and game transitions
  • Add conclusion animation (Game Over, Win)

💻 Code 
  • Massive clean code
  • Reorganisation of code

If you want a more visual explanation of what reworks I did, feel free to check the twitter thread I made.
It has been super fun to work on this game, hope you'll like this new version.

If you like what you played, please consider giving it a 5 ⭐, it does really help !


I, Robot GDX22(v2.0.5).exe 53 MB
Mar 07, 2022

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