PostMortem : Who let the dogs out ?

I've done this game for the Trijam#104:Who let the dogs out ?  It was my third time participating to this jam !This one was hard to finish, as my motivation goes down when facing problems unexpected, especially concerning design and the way to convey the atmosphere of the game.

What I learned

  • Basics of Gdevelop (Visual programming with blocks)
    • Using Yarn (second time) to write dialog and more precisely for several characters
    • Experiment a bit with lightning effect
  • [again] The smallest gameDesign features take time to implement, be realistic
  • Writing, designing beforehand with pen and paper is a very good idea as it clarifies lot of thing...
  • ... but it will not be totally as expected when recreating it with code. Special mention for scenario of my game where I got precise idea of what it should looked  like but  unfortunatly I couldn't find the matching images to work on, on the internet. So be prepared, but prototyping soon could avoid those problems.

What I liked 

  • The result of the game, its atmosphere.
  • Being able (according to me) to write a serious/coherent/everyday life horror narrative
  • The sound design that contributes to the spooky atmosphere

What I could improve on this game

  • I'm not particularly fan of the part of the game in the garden, as it's a bit buggy. I would also have liked it to be prettier .
  • Giving more interaction for the player as for now it's mostly a text game with images

What I want for my next games

  • Explore Gdevelop possibilities especially effects and behaviors
  • Try to developp a game more gameplay oriented
  • Being able to release it during the time of the jam as it's super cool to have feedbacks

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Jan 29, 2021
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Jan 29, 2021

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